Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

Collection of Wierd pictures and Video with news of a baby with having 2 faces with 4 eyes but 2 ears who born in North of India. Her name is Lali and she born with a condition called Craniofacial Duplication. She has all the face features duplicated or twin, except her ears. she is being treated as an Hindu goddess. Her father says, that she is just like a normal child, that means that apparently she has no difficulties living her life, except for the stares of other people. She’s even capable to drink form the two mouths and control all the four eyes according to a hospital official.

baby2facesfungurcom Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

You can see clearly the Baby named Lali having 4 eyes with 2 ears and two hands.

baby2facesfungurcom1 Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

She lives like a normal child.

baby2facesfungurcom2 Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

She talks with both mouths.

baby2facesfungurcom3 Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

baby2facesfungurcom4 Weird Baby Having 2 Faces

Lali’s Mother and Father

Via [Link]

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