Winter 2015’s Most Colorful Sweaters

Sweaters are cool and trendy this year, practical and coldproof when it’s getting cold outside and very easy to mix & match with other warm clothing and accessories. Don’t let the winter go by without flaunting these beautiful warm sweaters, so colorful they will instantly add a splash of light and energy to your winter outfits!

Mint long sweater
Plus size sweaters are perfect to warm yourself in cold winter days, especially if they come with side pockets and a shawl collar that will make you feel comfy and cozy. To add a super chic note to your outfit, opt for a mint lace-knit long sweater with elbow length sleeves, so you can wear stylish long gloves to keep your hands warm. Mint is a powerful color, a chromatic statement that will make you stand out, especially if you match it with a complementary shade such as pink, fuchsia, blood red, dark brown, lavender or dark purple. Choose one, not more of these colors, and keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean, in neutral shades of nude, beige, light gray, light brown, black or white.

Apricot shawl collar cardigan
Who says you can’t wear pastels in winter? Apricot is a warm and genuine color that will make you look graceful and feminine even in gloomy and rainy days. For a casual-elegant twist, opt for an apricot shawl collar cardigan with eyelet knit pattern and match it with nude or white tops, classic blue jeans and white sneakers. You can easily use the lovely apricot color to create more sophisticated looks, such as a color-block outfit with apricot cardigan, pink tops and brown pants or skirts. Keep the jewelry and accessories simple and minimal and opt for high-heeled boots to create a lean and slim silhouette.

Yellow hooded sweatshirt
Rainy days and the lack of sun during the cold season can bring you down, but not if you choose to wear bright colors to light up your day and appearance. An intense yellow hooded sweatshirt will keep you safe from the cold and the rain, while making you stand out in great style. Opt for a sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket in a contrasting color, such as light gray, so that you can keep your hands warm too. In order to complete your sporty-chic outfit, wear skinny blue jeans and white or nude slip-on sneakers.


Cornflower blue lace-knit sweater
Cornflower blue is intense and audacious, the perfect chromatic option to spice up your winter wardrobe. A supersized sweater in this color will look electrifying when combined with golden-yellow, silver or gray blouses, shirts, beanies and light brown or coffee-colored suede boots. Opt for a long cornflower blue sweater so you can wear it with long pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. Skinny jeans or leather pants and classic sneakers is the coolest combination for a casual look, while denim, leather or wool mini skirts and high-heeled ankle boots will make for the ultimate feminine-chic winter outfit!

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