Wonderful Apple Quicktake Camera Concept

Wonderful Apple Quicktake Camera Concept. Beautiful Lamps Collection.  Have you ever dreamed an Apple Camera? Here comes the Apple Quicktake camera concept by Joseph Dumary. Creative Animal Lip stick Art.  This concept has got a corpse intended using glass and recycled aluminum which you have never seen before. Full touch screen explicit border is one cooler feature along with the long life battery.


  • Never seen before design using glass and recycled aluminum
  • Long life battery
  • Voice Control
  • The Quicktake is the first elegant digital camera
  • It includes a microphone that can record HD sound while eliminating surplus sound approximately
  • Voice Control lets you get movies or select the options with your voice
  • Camera Lens
  • Camera lens takes 32 MP, 1080P videos devoid of density
  • This is the primary revolving camera lens in the globe
  • Calendar Pics
  • This characteristic lets you assembly photos based on a number of criteria, faces, places, dates taken etc.
  • Battery
  • Battery is included into the Quicktake, which is charged with 30 pin dock connector from Apple
  • It also supports GPS, Wi-Fi, Airplay, Photobooth, Airprint, strong Edit modes, autofocus , HD speakers, , auto modes , Flickr ,automatic upload to Youtube,

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