Most Wonderful Past Vs Present Developments

Most Wonderful Past Vs Present Developments. Amazing Collection Of Paper Architecture.  Many have been the inventions that improved throughout time. After a while by so quick, does the life-changing inventions thanks to technology. 3500yr Old Tree Damaged In The Flames. Satisfy the 12 Most Amazing Past Versus Present Inventions that entertained and changed every human life to the better–and still do!

 Walkman Versus iPod Touch

You may be wondering “What the “F” is that?”… and it’s OK, nobody thinks about the past when there are so many amazing, cutting-edge and superb technological and digital devices! FYI, this is called a “walkman”. This is one of the models of the series “stereo walkman” by Sony, it came only with one set of headphones and you could listen to a “cassette”, this was the boom during the late 70’s and the early 80’s.

Now, we have the “iPod Touch” that was released in 2007 by Apple. You can browse the internet with it, download music, videos, take photos, record and film whatever you want, and transfer data to the computer through a USB cable. Small difference, right?

Video Games

That old, brown, and strange-looking video game is called “Atari” and these were the first videogames ever played! It was released in 1977 and it was sold at the introductory price of $ 199, what was its best selling game? It was called“Pacman”!

You know Nintendo, right? And no, we’re not talking about the Nintendo Wii or the PlayStation3 that you are so familiar with, and that were launched in 2006! We are talking about the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ever made, and that it was first launched in Japan in 1983 and in the US in 1985… And do you know what was its best-selling video game of all time? “Super Mario Bros”! Yes! That’s when Mario Bros. was born! A long, long, time ago…


Meet the old Sony TV manufactured in 1969 , while you enjoy one of its most modern inventions: The Sony Bravia 3D TV that was launched in 2010. Do you see any difference between these past and present inventions? Well, if you don’t see it here, I bet you can see it in the image of your 3D TV!!

Past Versus Present Telephone Models

In the old days, people used to have these phones that at the time were the latest and most innovative of their kind: the “Candlestick Phone”, and the “Rotary Dials Phone” which were made between the 1890s and 1930s. They came in 3 colors: black, brass, and chrome.

In 2012 we have phones such as the “Ann Sweety”, manufactured by Samsung. It combines a cordless phone with a remote control for all manner of home entertainment devices. It can also send SMS messages and it includes the Ann Sweety picture too! How cool is that?

Past versus Present Portable Computers

The portable computer from the past that you see here is the “Macintosh Portable”, a line of Macintosh laptop Computers that was designed, manufactured, and sold from 1989 by Apple Computer, Inc. It was kind of expensive ($6,500 )big and heavy compared to the latest tablets that are used now, don’t you think? For example, this iPad 2! (The 2nd generation of Apple’s iPad released in 2011). It is thin, light, it has a battery that lasts for 10 hours, and comes with the new iCloud that can store your music, photos, documents, and other things, and wirelessly pushes them to all of your devices. Again, thanks a lot Steve Jobs!

Past Versus Present Cars

This past versus present invention is quite amazing: CARS! The old car Model is a “T Ford”. By the year 1921, it accounted for almost 57 percent of the world’s car production! Can you believe it? And in 1924, 9 out of 10 of all cars in the entire world were Fords! At the beginning, the two-door car was sold for $825.

The other awesome present invention is a BMW Z4 Roadster. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. The 2011 model ranks 6 out of 8 Luxury Sports Cars, and is available in three different trims. One of this models has a hardtop that lowers in just 20 seconds! Their price? Well, it varies from 40.300 € to 65.400 €. It isn’t cheap, of course, but hey, at least looking at it is for free!

Past versus New Music Players

These radios that you are seeing here were the first radios that were used in order to reproduce music, one of them is an old floor-model radio from the 1930′s , and the other one is a turntable called “the gramophone” that first appeared in 1888, and it was able to store audio on “flat discs”.

What is the difference now? Well, the “slight” difference with radios now is that the new music players come with LCD blue backlight and remote control that can play Am/Fm radio, it has CD player and USB input that reproduce mp3 files, an has an incorporated digital clock, in addition, you can connect your iPod there if you want as well… So, another huge Past versus Present invention, don’t you think so?

Old and New Refrigerators

Meet the first all-steel fridge designed by General Electric in 1927, and that was sold for the price of $ 525 dollars! . Look at the difference compared to this present invention by LG Electronics that was released in late 2011! A totally new age fridge that can be controlled by a smart phone or a tablet because the fridge connects to home Wi-Fi networks! You can have information about what food you have in your fridge, where it is located, and when they expire. Another mind-blowing detail is that you are able to see what you need to buy from supermarket, and the fridge is also able to suggest you with healthy recipes based on the foods you have in your fridge.

New Versus Old Cameras

These old, heavy, black, and big Kodak cameras were made between 1954 and 1957 and didn’t do much, except of course, taking pictures! What about cameras now? What’s the difference? Well…these
colorful cameras from our precious present come in different colors, and they are light and water-proof, have a “zoom” and you can film videos and download them into your computer through a USB cable!! It’s good to be in the year 2012, right?

Past and Present hand-held Video Games

Nope, you’re mistaken… this is not a cell phone with games incorporated! This is one of the first handheld video game devices called “Game Boy”! It was manufactured in 1989 and back then it only had a directional pad, four operation buttons labeled “A”, “B”, “SELECT”, and “START”, a volume control dial, and a knob to adjust the contrast. Its best selling game? Perhaps you’ve heard about the game “Tetris” at some point, even though you may not have played it? Well, “Tetris” was its most popular game! (Read more)

Well, now you can play with the Nintendo DS (“Developers’ System”) released in 2004 and which is the best selling handheld game console to date, and the second best selling video game console overall, after the PlayStation 2!! What’s the difference with the past invention? Well… a dual-screen handheld game console that features two LCD screens inside (and the bottom one is a touch screen), a built-in microphone, Wi-Fi connection that allows players to interact within a short range with each other, or online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection service.

Desktop Computers

The first desktop computers…. Meet Apple’s first child: The Macintosh 128K ! It was introduced in 1984 with a TV commercial most aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl XVIII!. Now, you can enjoy from Apple’s new iMac desktop computer, that according to its website comes with a “FaceTime HD camera, a LED backlit display, and it’s a wireless EVERYTHING!” Seriously, can you see any improvements in desktop computers from the Past and up until the Present? Well, we surely can! Pretty cool inventions! Thank you so much Steve Jobs.

Cell Phones

Believe it, or not… that big old Motorola brick used in 1989, was the first portable phone! And it only allowed you to make phone calls! Then, as some of you may remember, most of us had this NOKIA 5110, which at the time of its release (and for some time afterwards) was the most popular consumer model that everyone used! What could this Nokia do? It could only send modest text messages (SMS) and make calls. No pics, no camera, no video recording, no voice recording, no color, don’t even mention the touch screen, let alone Wi-Fi connections… it could do “nothing” compared to cell phones now! .

Now…we all know about the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S Plus ,and the latest iPhone 4S model by Apple that has “Siri” incorporated -which allows you to make commands to the phone with the sweet sound of your voice! You say it, because “Siri” will do it! Not many of us can have it, but most of us wish we could!

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